A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a game we made in a month for GameDev.tv Community Jam, theme being "TIME"!

We wanted to play around with the concept of time both in game play and in story. Hope you like it, we would love to hear your opinions and feedback on our first ever game the we did from scratch! :) 


WSAD - Movement

Q/E - Lean

C - Crouch

F - Flashlight

G - Use/Interact

T - Powers (Available in level 2)


You can download it through Google Drive (There are 3 different ZIP files, Stealing time includes everything (MAC build on that might not work), then there are 2 zip files 1 for PC & 1 for MAC which only include the game (Not including assets) 


Our team:

Jon Nesten

Sean Harris

Jere Orava

Jukka-Pekka Lappalainen (Music from his band: Endocrine)

Artwork by Josefine Eriksson (Look her up on IG for great artwork: @inksmudges)


Stealing Time Google Drive | .zip file


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So cool game. Got scared few times. I can really see how much effort was put into game. Love the art

Big fan of the art style - especially the intro. I'll be looking at the code to see how this was done. Nicely done.